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Our Lodge

Some information about St. Andrews 1012 Masonic Lodge and its rich history.

St.Andrews 1012

Lodge Seal

The Seal of St.Andrews 1012


Our warrant was issued in 1947.


See below for a bit of history.

Joining our Lodge

If you’re interested, contact us.

A bit about our Lodge…

St Andrews Masonic Lodge was constituted in 1947, originally operating from the Masonic Hall in Carrickfergus but now sits in the Whiteabbey Masonic Centre in Newtownabbey.

Although the current membership is only of a medium size the harmony of the Lodge brings the membership together which promotes Peace Love and Harmony at the monthly meetings and the Social Charity Events .

Last Year Lodge Members and guests from other Lodges travelled to Edinburgh to Rosslyn Chapel and met Scottish Brethren were we socialised together which everyone enjoyed.

This is a short introduction into the Lodge and should you wish to pursue a career in Irish Masonry there is no better time than now to start. We would welcome all enquiries which will be acknowledged after which a small committee will meet with you socially to answer questions you have and to provide literature.

We hope to hear from you in the very near future, contact is by email to the following address:

St. Andrews 1012 is founded

A photo of the founding members of our Lodge. Click to zoom.